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NEW - Automated Immunohistochemistry Scoring System

NEW- Fully automated 81 slide loader with scanning system for microscopy

Filtrex Proving to be a Global Success for Automated Particle Sizing

GT Vision are appointed the exclusive distributors for Applied Spectral Imaging’s
world-beating Cytogenetics products

New Scientific Imaging camera from JVC

New mobile imaging system for entomologists

New 3 CCD color camera for brightfield and fluorescence imaging

Image analysis of large histology features made easy

New fast imaging tool for histology and cytology

New filtered particulates analyser for industry

GT EntoVision

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In the GT EntoVision division we have worked closely with the entomological community to carefully research and test a range of imaging, automation and monitoring products. Those that we have found particularly suitable for entomology have been included in our range. Our range now includes the following products:

The very latest dissecting microscopes for examination of pinned and larger insects.
A range of
compound microscopes for high magnification examination of morphology.
Portable microscopes and lens systems for field work and visits to other labs
LATEST NEWS - See the latest 3D Hirox microscope - ideal for imaging your insects in 3D!

First class quality imaging from the latest digital 3 CCD cameras.
Low cost single CCD color cameras for routine image documentation

Solve depth of focus problems with the latest extended focus systems.
Create a
database of your images.
Annotate with scalebars and enhance your images.
Make morphological calibrated


Full motorization of focus mechanisms for high speed extended focus processing.
The very latest
image stitching systems for building mosaics of whole insects at very high resolution.
Specimen tray scanning systems for cataloguing entire collections.


With our highly advanced environment monitoring system you can place sensors all over your department in storage areas, freezers and air-conditioned environments, monitor departments or the whole building from a central control point with a wide variety of triggered alarm options.

Portable Entomology System

EntoVision Extended Focus Systems

Stereo Microscopes from GX Microscopes